Welcome to Hummingbird Gas Turbines, the student group for investigation of small gas turbines.

Hummingbird Gas Turbines was founded in 2006 and is supported by the Institute for Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion at the Technical University of Munich. 


A new Engine for Hummingbird Gas Turbines


Our old Wren MW54 Turboprop engine has already completed quite a lot of testing. Therefore it will now be retired.

For our current project, „Hummingbird Hybrid“ we decided to buy a new turboshaft engine. We decided to buy an engine from the company WREN Power Systems, because we made a lot of good experience with their engines in the past.

Some key features:

  • Maximum Speed of the core engine: 195 000 rpm
  • Shaft speed: 1100...9000 rpm
  • Maximum shaft power 5.6 kW
  • Fuel consumption: 2.35 g/s
  • Mass of the engine: 1.7 kg

We kindly want to thank Tony Ratcliffe und Ken Gray from Wren Power Systems for the nice correspondence and the generous discount.