What we do

The student group 'Hummingbird' engages in many different theoretical and experimental projects. In cooperation with the Institute for Flight Propulsion we are operating several test facilities for small gas turbines and their components. Our main focus is to improve the current concept of small gas turbines as far as to develop our own jet engine. Nevertheless we are very glad about new ideas and projects.

At the moment we have two gas turbines on separate test facilities. One of them is used as a thrust jet engine and has a quartz glass casing. The advantage of this casing is the optical access to the area between compressor and combustion chamber and the combustor itself. The second gas turbine generates shaft power, e.g. for a propeller (turbo prop) or an electrical generator (small power plant).  

Furthermore, we are operating two component test facilities. One is for investigations on a stand-alone combustion chamber. There we have wide access for measuring data at the combustor outlet. A second component test facility is a small axial compressor with similar design parameters to radial compressors used in small gas turbines today.

Additionally, computer aided simulations, e.g. fluid simulations, are carried out regarding phenomena arising during experimental investigation.  

If we could draw your interest feel free to join our work! Normally we have a meeting every Tuesday at 5:30 pm during the semester at the Institute of Flight Propulsion or visit us at our office in MW 0612. Due to our good contact to the institute, we are able to supervise student assignments, like bachelor or master theses.

jet engine with glass casing during a test run